Friday, April 20, 2012


     Sometimes it is easy for us to feel far removed from the great experiences of the early Christians in the New Testament -- to feel God just doesn't move the same in our modern times.  Or maybe we feel we just don't have the faith or the power the early believers had.  BUT, all one needs do is visit one of the mission fields of the world where new generations of believers are being raised up.  Where the Gospel is SO excitingly new and the simple, child-like faith of new believers believes God for great things.  There you find God is not limited by our lethargy or lukewarmness.  This has been demonstrated on our part of the mission field, BAJA CALIFORNIA NORTE, MEXICO.
     A few weeks ago a new mission was started in a village between Rosarito and Tijuana.  A small building was put at our disposal and the people crowded out the little building in no time.  Souls have been saved and the new congregation has now become quickly a solid group.
      One day a small boy took the workers walking across the hill to a nearby village that also needed the Gospel.  They began witnessing and found the people there also hungry for the Word.  A Christian lady has charge of a vacant house owned by a relative that had moved to the U.S..  She loaned it to the workers, it was cleaned up and two exploratory services were held.
     Just yesterday (Thursday, April 19) they began the music for the services with over 50 people present but the people kept coming, kept coming and KEPT COMING until the little house was over-flowing.  Finally the group was divided up into three groups: adults, youth and children.  The pastor spoke to the adults, a 19-year-old Bible College student spoke to the youth and a 16-year-old student, with the help of some ladies, spoke to the children.  By this time  126  people had crowded in and around the house and 11 precious souls received Christ as Savior.  The "new mission" across the hill now had THEIR mission.
     Take heart, dear folks, God CAN still do it and He is in the Baja, at least!! Bro Don