Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How I led my first soul to Christ on the mission field.

My wife and I met and married in Bible College because we were both in the missionary course.  We finished our studies and did one year of internship in a church in St. Louis, MO and we were ready to go before the mission board for approval.  Having had rhuematic fever as a child with some residual heart damage, the missions director asked that I have a work-up from the Dr. and have the report sent to him so we could overcome any objections concerning my health, which I did.  When I met with him to plan my appearance before the board, he was very solemn.  Then he dropped the biggest bombshell of my life.  The cardiac report was very negative.  In fact, the Dr had said my future was not bright in the U.S. and living in a foreign country, climate, conditions, etc. was inadvisable.  I was crushed!  Then, I had to break the news to my wife.
     For the next 25 years we served the Lord in the U.S. with a good measure of success.  Then I accepted a pastorate in Southern California just 12 miles from the Mexican border; but, we had planned to be missionaries to Brazil.  However, the missionary heart was still in me.  One day I got some Gospel tracts in Spanish and walked across the border.  I had learned how to say ,"This tells you how to get to Heaven. Read it."  However, I was using the command form for read it.  So, a Mexican  man took it and read it out loud.  Then he pointed to the end of the tract and began to babble to me in Spanish.  I understood none of it but I just said, "Si/". The man bowed his head and read the last few lines of the tract, began to cry and hugged me again babbling that Spanish stuff.  It was then I realized he had received Christ as his Savior.  AFTER 25 YEARS OF WAITING I HAD WON MY FIRST SOUL TO CHRIST ON THE MISSION FIELD.  But, I was not yet a missionary.  Soon, I was destined to preach my first sermon on the mission field.  But that will be for another time when I show You the proof of "....faithful is He who hath called you."  Bro Don


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