Monday, May 14, 2012


     At our Rosarito, Mexico church we started a unique soul-winning campaign.  We are now taking the count each week of how many times the plan of salvation has been presented.  Last Sunday the count was taken and then there was a powerful testimony of a young married man that received Christ as his personal Savior.
     Pastor Daniel walked out of the church last Saturday on his way to find someone to whom he could present the Gospel.  He saw a young man sitting in his car with his head down and seemed to be asleep.  Pastor Daniel didn't want to disturb him so he took a few steps and the Lord seemed to stop him.  So, he turned around and went back to the car and gently tapped on the window.  When the young man looked up, Pastor Daniel apologized for waking him whereupon the young man replied, "I wasn't sleeping.  I was just asking God how I could solve all the problems in my life."  His wife was in the computer store next door to the church.
     Pastor Daniel had plenty of time to fully explain to the young man how he could have eternal life, even if he did have a rough life here.  He also explained how He could find direction in his life.
     The young man bowed his head and received Christ as his personal Savior.  He lives about 100 miles away; but, he gave Pastor Daniel his address and phone number and promised he would look for a good Bible-centered church.  He had traveled a long way for a purpose he didn't even know -- to receive Christ.
     When we decide to witness to someone, sometimes God brings them right to us!  Thank God there was a pastor that was in tune with the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
     By the way, how many times have YOU presented the Gospel to someone recently?  About the only time most Christians present the Gospel is when someone comes to the altar during the invitation at the end of the preaching.  Amen, Bro Don!  Thanks, Bro Don

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  1. People need the gospel. People are searching for answers, when those two collide - great things happen. Well, we have a sovereign God Who makes it happen. We just have to be willing tools. Great story!