Tuesday, May 1, 2012


     Pedro grew up watching his father and mother serving the Lord until his mother was taken by the Lord when he was very young.  The father continued to raise his large family alone.  His father even began to preach the Gospel and Pedro accompanied him on many of these occasions.  However, when Pedro was only 13 his father fell from a two-story construction site and became an invalid later with cancer of the spine.  
     It became Pedro's lot to care for his father and two brothers still at home.  He continued to walk to school, working after school until the wee hours of the morning, sleeping only a few hours until his routine started again.
     After two years of suffering his father realized his end was near in this world.  He called for a pastor and told him he could not go to be with the Lord until he knew his 3 younger boys would continue to be raised in a Christian atmosphere.  The pastor had heard of our Boys Ranch.  Although the Ranch was full, room was made for the three boys.  A few days later Pedro and his siblings were truly orphans.
     The three boys grew up and left the Ranch.  Pedro went out into the world to work.  Thank God, he never got into the sins of the world nor in its vices.
     Just recently, at the age of 19, Pedro returned to faithfulness in the church and entered the Bible College and is already a FINE preacher of the Bible.  Last weekend he blest the hearts of Edna and I when he said that as long as we were around he would never be an orphan.
     I can only feel his parents are smiling down from Heaven to see such a fine son carrying on the Gospel.  Bro Don 

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