Saturday, December 31, 2011

Starting at zero.

      Have ypu ever witnessed to someone about Christ starting at zero = at the beginning of it all?  I once had that experience.
     I was in the Mexican state of Nayarit.  If you were to go straight west from there you would eventually come to Honolulu, Hawaii.  So the area is very vegatated, just like a jungle and very beautiful.  It was some 30 years ago when I first knew that area. 
     I had taken some other Americans with me to visit a missionary in Tepic, the capital city of that state.  We travelled outside the city for some distaance and finally came to a village near the main road  with a group of indigenous people called the Quicholes.  There was a very primative little Baptist church there.  The floor was dirt and the "pews" were 2X4s on stakes.  The men sat on those and the women sat at the back on the ground with the children.The missionary would preach in Spanish and there was a native pastor that translated the message into the dialect.  They also sang a very different style hymns developed in their own dialect. (Keep in mind this was over 30 years ago.)
     One day I had the great privilege of preaching there.  I saw a blind man with a homemade musical instrument.  I asked how he found his way to church thru the jungle and was told he had machete marks on the trees to find his way.
     After the service I told the pastor that spoke spanish that I wanted to go back into the jungle and see where the people actually lived.  He sent his 12-year-old grandson that could translate with me.  We came into a clearing with thatched huts on stilts with ladders.  I was told that was to keep iguanas, snakes,etc from entering.
     As the sun was setting we came to the edge of the clearing and saw a lady squatted over a fire stirring a pot.  We stopped to give her the Gospel.. First, I asked her (thru the interpreter) if she knew what a Bible was.  DUH, she couldn't read nor write.  She indicated she didn't know what a Bible was.  Next I asked her if she knew who (sp) Cristo Jesús was.  She had heard of Jesús (many Mexicans have that name) but never of Cristo.
     I was OVERWHELMED as I started at creation and told her the basics of how God had sent His Son to die for us to save us.   I felt VERY blest to have the opportunity of telling someone that was hearing for the first time about Jesus.  Then I knew what a great task it is for missionaries to go into tribes that have NEVER heard and patiently learn their language and painstakingly lay the foundations of Scriptural knowledge, often spending their lives doing it!
     In our modern societies of the world it is difficult to find someone that has absolutely NO knowledge of the Bible.  But, there are tribes all over the world that have never heard.  Many have had the privilege of giving the plan for being saved to a person that has never heard how to be saved.  But few have had the privilege of STARTING FROM ZERO.  I'm thankful I have.  Bro Don

Sunday, December 18, 2011


     Today,  Sunday, December 18,Edna and I celebrated our 58th wedding anniversary in the House of God as we did on our first date, the Sunday after our wedding on a Friday night and almost every Sunday since and many times during the week.
      Although both of us have had many serious health issues that could have taken our lives we never dreamed we would have such long and fruitful lives.  However, I think a doctor explained it well several years ago.
      I was in the midst of cancer treatments and became very depressed.  I told him we were both believers so I just wanted him to be honest and tell me how much time he gave me.  He told me HE didn't give TIME; he gave treatments; only GOD could give time.  He then asked ME a question.
    ( Here I must explain so you will understand his question.  We were on the mission field and we were in the midst of trainiong national pastors in our Bible College.  At the Bible College each Monday we had a report time when each worker reported on his previous week's results.  Part of the report was the professions of faith in Christ ie souls saved.  Keep this in mind.  My appointment was on a Tuesday.  Now back to what he was asking me....)
    "Didn't you have your report time yesterday?  How many received Christ last week?"
     I was inwardly upset !  Didn't he understand I was interested in ME and my future!  However, in respect, I answered his questions.
     "Yes we did and we had 15 saved last week", I cooly replied.
     What he said next was the greatest impulse concerning soul-winning I had EVER received.
     "Well, I think I would win another 15 this week, 15 next week and keep winning souls and maybe, if God saw I was still useful He would prolong my life," he smilingly remarked.
     NOW YOU KNOW why I keep on keeping on and trust I am still useful to the Lord.  Maybe that is the secret of a long life.  I recommend it.  It has worked for Edna and I.  Bro Don

Monday, December 12, 2011


     It was 35 years ago and I was starting my very first mission in Mexico.  I KNEW I had a lot to learn but I soon learned a lesson that veteran missionaries know, especially those who have worked in remote areas.  I can assure you that Mexico had some VERY remote areas 35 years ago.  It was the fall of 1976.  I was establishing my very first mission in Mexico in a village that did not have a Gospel-preaching church and only a very few that knew how to be born again.
     A lady that had been a prostitute and had had a child out-ot-wedlock 12 years before had come to that village some years before and had married a man there.   Soon after the mission began they both received Christ as their personal Savior.  She could not read or write.  (Later she learned to read by reading the Bible.)  She became an ARDENT listener of the Word and simply believed it as she heard it.
     During a prayer service she asked for prayer that she could give her husband a son.  Her mother-in-law secretly told me the doctor had said she obviously could not concieve since it had been 12 years since her only pregnancy.  But, she continued to claim God's promises and prayed WITH unwavering faith.  No one had the heart to discourage her.
     One day she asked her mother-in-law to take her to the doctor to find out when the baby was due.  The mother-in-law decided the doctor would be the best one to explain her situation to her.  The mother-in-law waited while she went into the examiningroom.  Soon the doctor emerged and flatly stated the baby was due in six months!
     When she gave a testimony the next Sunday of what God had done for her we all hung our heads in shame.  Sure enough, six months later I walked into her humble home and saw her nursing a fine baby boy.
     Three years ago I had the privilege of again visiting that village and visited that young man and his own family.  His mother had gone to be with the Lord; but, he said she had told him numbers of time how he had come into the world.
     What did I learn?  Well, when simple people that cannot even read the Bible BUT, simply take God at His word, He does mighty things to SHOW  Himself to them.  I'm sorry to say, it often takes a mission field to have experiences like this.
     HMMMM I wonder what God could do if we only had that simple faith.  Or maybe He IS doing things right before our eyes but we chalk it up to other sources.  Bro Don


Recently, I was having lunch with two young Mexican men in a little cafe in Rosarito, Mexico. They both have grown up under my preaching and are now preachers themselves. One of them told me that he especially remembered an illustration I had used in his youth. He had never forgotten it.  Of course, during my 62 years of preaching I have probably used literally thousands of illustrations so I was curious which one was special to him.  Here it is and you have probably heard a version of it, too.
     There was a couple that only had one son and they loved and doted over him as he grew.  But, as a young man he became very rebellious and beligerent to his parents.  One day he slammed out the door announcing that he was leaving home for good.  Naturally, his parents were heart-broken.
     Years passed and one day his old mother was taking a letter out of the mailbox when she recognized her son's hand-writing.  She rushed into the house and, with trembling fingers, opened the letter and began to read it outloud to the father.  The son was very sorry for his actions.  He wanted to come home but he knew he didn't deserve their forgiveness.  The next day he would be passing by the old home-place and if they could find it in their hearts to forgive him he asked for a sign.  Behind the house beside the tracks there stood and old Elm tree.  If they could forgive him he asked that they put a white flag in the tree.  If the flag was there he would get off at the station and if not, he would continue on with his life.
     As the train neared his home he became very nervous until an old man sitting next to him by the window asked if he could somehow help the young man whereupon he poured out his heart to the kindly old man, put his face in his hands and sobbingly declared, "I can't look!  If it isn't there I think I will DIE!"  The old man told him he would look and tell him.
     The young man felt the train lurch as it rounded the last bend and he knew his home was in view.  He asked, "Do you see the big tree with a little white house behind it?"   The old man said he did.  The young man cried out, "Do you see a white flag in the tree?"  The old man hesitated a moment and then said, "No. I don't see A flag in the tree.  I SEE A FLAG ON EVERY LIMB!"
     Every time I turn a page in the precious Word of God I find a white flag from my Heavenly Father inviting all His children to come on back home.  All is forgiven.

Friday, December 9, 2011


     Today, we had the privilege of attending the graduation from boot camp of some Marines, including a good friend and brother in Christ.  I was impressed once again in their training!  Their precision in every drill was astounding.  Most of all was their pride in the corps.  When dismissed they began to congratulate their fellow Marines even before rushing to their families.  You could see their comradery.
     I had to reflect on the army of God!  How many times did Jesus admonish us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  Sadly, not all of God's soldiers have this comradery!  The tactic of any enemy is to divide the opposing army and put them in disarray.  Even George Washington knew the importance of the spirit of his troops and was often right beside them in the snow and cold.
     But, where is the army of God today?  Often, we are out of step with God and our brethen.  Often, we are not marching in the same direction.  And, FAR TOO often we are shooting our own soldiers and killing our wounded.  There doesn't seem to be any Veteran Hospitals for the wounded in God's Army.  We must become aware of Satan's tactics in this regard.
     Just one little RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS can not only change someone else's day but can also change our own.  As I was leaving the apartment of my daughter-in-law and grandkids the other day, I saw the elderly lady in the first-floor apartment, with her 24/7 oxygen connected, finishing sweeping the walk.  I told her I was on my way to the grocery store and asked if she need anything.  She was embarrassed to ask for anything so I made a few suggestions and left.  Later, I returned with some food staples and she graciously thanked us.
     But, that was not her greatest thanks.  Recently, my grandchildren and another young man had devotions with her.  Later a lady I met at a neighborhood Bible study visited her.  She is greatly encouraged.
     There are so many things we could do to encourage other believers.  Some examples -- seeing someone pray in a restaurant and speaking to them..  Passing a car with a Christian sign and giving them a thumbs up.  Thanking a military man or women for his or her service to our country.
     I can promise you that if we determine in our hearts to be conscious of the opportunities to encourage another soldier of the cross, it will become a natural reacion for us not just a RANDOM act of kindness.  Jesus said that is the way the world would know we  are His disciples.  LET'S DO IT.  Bro Don

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How I led my first soul to Christ on the mission field.

My wife and I met and married in Bible College because we were both in the missionary course.  We finished our studies and did one year of internship in a church in St. Louis, MO and we were ready to go before the mission board for approval.  Having had rhuematic fever as a child with some residual heart damage, the missions director asked that I have a work-up from the Dr. and have the report sent to him so we could overcome any objections concerning my health, which I did.  When I met with him to plan my appearance before the board, he was very solemn.  Then he dropped the biggest bombshell of my life.  The cardiac report was very negative.  In fact, the Dr had said my future was not bright in the U.S. and living in a foreign country, climate, conditions, etc. was inadvisable.  I was crushed!  Then, I had to break the news to my wife.
     For the next 25 years we served the Lord in the U.S. with a good measure of success.  Then I accepted a pastorate in Southern California just 12 miles from the Mexican border; but, we had planned to be missionaries to Brazil.  However, the missionary heart was still in me.  One day I got some Gospel tracts in Spanish and walked across the border.  I had learned how to say ,"This tells you how to get to Heaven. Read it."  However, I was using the command form for read it.  So, a Mexican  man took it and read it out loud.  Then he pointed to the end of the tract and began to babble to me in Spanish.  I understood none of it but I just said, "Si/". The man bowed his head and read the last few lines of the tract, began to cry and hugged me again babbling that Spanish stuff.  It was then I realized he had received Christ as his Savior.  AFTER 25 YEARS OF WAITING I HAD WON MY FIRST SOUL TO CHRIST ON THE MISSION FIELD.  But, I was not yet a missionary.  Soon, I was destined to preach my first sermon on the mission field.  But that will be for another time when I show You the proof of "....faithful is He who hath called you."  Bro Don


Monday, December 5, 2011

From 3 countries now

I now have had hits from 3 different countries.  It is exciting!
     Today I am sitting in a warm house looking out at the beautiful snowy landscape.  I am thinking of God's promise to make our sins as white as snow.  I had never, in all my life, thought that my sins could look beautiful to God.  What a thought.  Then I remembered that the snow covers all the signs of death -- dead grass, dry tree limbs, dirt piles, mud puddles and all things like that.  PRAISE GOD the ugliness of my life is covered by the blood of Christ.  I trust yous is covered, too.
     I thought the older I got the more pleased I would become with my life.  But, the opposite seems true.  It seems that as I age I find how much of God's blessings I rushed by as I sought to serve Him.  As missionaries, my wife and I have been very busy and many times in different areas of the ministry.  Suddenly we looked at each other, with all our wrinkles and, after 58 years of marriage, realized we hardly knew each other.  Have I done that with Jesus?  Have I rushed right by Him when He just wanted me to stop and chat awhile? Just like I want to do with my younger loved ones?  Don't take time to smell the roses.  Take time to sit and chat with Jesus.  We are HIS loved ones, you know.  Keep the SON in your eyes.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Are you DOING or BEING?

     I have come to realize that I have spent MANY years DOING and not being concerned about BEING.  Once I heard a preach scream out that he wanted his church members to start acting like Christians.  An old man at the back was heard to say under his breath, "I think it is time we stop ACTING and start BEING."
     The word, "Christian" has been greatly abused and misused in this day and age.  We have the habit of asking, "Are you a Christian?"  Or maybe, "Oh, I'm a Christian, too."  Actually, in Bible days people did not call themselves, Christians.  In fact, the word, CHRISTIAN is only found 3 times in the Scriptures: firstly, they were CALLED Christians. And it speaks about if anyone suffers as a Christian. Then, the magistrate that told Paul he had almost convinced him to be a Christian.
      The sad thing is, if we waited to be called CHRISTIAN, we might have to wait a LOOOOOOOOONG time. I once introduced a Jewish preacher as a converted Jew.  He stomped his foot and declared, with his heavy accent, "I am not a converted Jew!  I am a converted SINNER.  I am still so much of a Jew I could sell your widow a two-pants suit to bury you in!"  Instead of TRYING to be a Christian, why don't we just BE  a converted sinner saved by mercy and grace.
     Mercy is NOT getting what we deserve.  Grace is GETTING what we don't deserve.  See you next time.  Missionary Don Kiser

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Getting ready to start conference

We were to start the conference tonight (Sat) with an International Banquet but the snow caused it to be cancelled.  Tomorrow I will speak at 10 a.m., 11 a.m. and 6 pm, Mon p.m. and Tues..  I'm very excited for this opportunity.  Keep the meeting in prayer.  Supposedly the snow is finished; but, it is forecast to be down to 4 Mon night.  Pray this will not hurt the conference.  This is a great mission-minded church and I want to be a blessing to them.  Bro Don

Guess who made it into the modern age?

Hey friends, I am finally getting things figured out about this blogging business. Someone told me I should start blogging and I had no idea what that even meant. In fact I just found out that YouTube, Twitter and FaceBook have merged to become YouTwitFace.. lol
      Right now I am enjoying the Nebraska snow as we prepare for the Missions Revival.  I am with one of my American "Timothy"s.  This is the first time since last summer that I have been away from our area.  I wanted to get out and about spiritually before Beatriz's surgery which will mean I will again have my full duties for the six to eight weeks of her recovery.  But this has truly been a forced time of refreshing.   I have heard more of preaching from others than for YEARS.  It has also been a time of spiritual healing also.  I truly feel revived in my spirit.
     So, I plan to be faithful in keeping up with my blogs with the hope it will keep in closer contact.  See you soon by this medium. Missionary Don Kiser, Baja, MX