Friday, December 9, 2011


     Today, we had the privilege of attending the graduation from boot camp of some Marines, including a good friend and brother in Christ.  I was impressed once again in their training!  Their precision in every drill was astounding.  Most of all was their pride in the corps.  When dismissed they began to congratulate their fellow Marines even before rushing to their families.  You could see their comradery.
     I had to reflect on the army of God!  How many times did Jesus admonish us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  Sadly, not all of God's soldiers have this comradery!  The tactic of any enemy is to divide the opposing army and put them in disarray.  Even George Washington knew the importance of the spirit of his troops and was often right beside them in the snow and cold.
     But, where is the army of God today?  Often, we are out of step with God and our brethen.  Often, we are not marching in the same direction.  And, FAR TOO often we are shooting our own soldiers and killing our wounded.  There doesn't seem to be any Veteran Hospitals for the wounded in God's Army.  We must become aware of Satan's tactics in this regard.
     Just one little RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS can not only change someone else's day but can also change our own.  As I was leaving the apartment of my daughter-in-law and grandkids the other day, I saw the elderly lady in the first-floor apartment, with her 24/7 oxygen connected, finishing sweeping the walk.  I told her I was on my way to the grocery store and asked if she need anything.  She was embarrassed to ask for anything so I made a few suggestions and left.  Later, I returned with some food staples and she graciously thanked us.
     But, that was not her greatest thanks.  Recently, my grandchildren and another young man had devotions with her.  Later a lady I met at a neighborhood Bible study visited her.  She is greatly encouraged.
     There are so many things we could do to encourage other believers.  Some examples -- seeing someone pray in a restaurant and speaking to them..  Passing a car with a Christian sign and giving them a thumbs up.  Thanking a military man or women for his or her service to our country.
     I can promise you that if we determine in our hearts to be conscious of the opportunities to encourage another soldier of the cross, it will become a natural reacion for us not just a RANDOM act of kindness.  Jesus said that is the way the world would know we  are His disciples.  LET'S DO IT.  Bro Don

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