Monday, December 5, 2011

From 3 countries now

I now have had hits from 3 different countries.  It is exciting!
     Today I am sitting in a warm house looking out at the beautiful snowy landscape.  I am thinking of God's promise to make our sins as white as snow.  I had never, in all my life, thought that my sins could look beautiful to God.  What a thought.  Then I remembered that the snow covers all the signs of death -- dead grass, dry tree limbs, dirt piles, mud puddles and all things like that.  PRAISE GOD the ugliness of my life is covered by the blood of Christ.  I trust yous is covered, too.
     I thought the older I got the more pleased I would become with my life.  But, the opposite seems true.  It seems that as I age I find how much of God's blessings I rushed by as I sought to serve Him.  As missionaries, my wife and I have been very busy and many times in different areas of the ministry.  Suddenly we looked at each other, with all our wrinkles and, after 58 years of marriage, realized we hardly knew each other.  Have I done that with Jesus?  Have I rushed right by Him when He just wanted me to stop and chat awhile? Just like I want to do with my younger loved ones?  Don't take time to smell the roses.  Take time to sit and chat with Jesus.  We are HIS loved ones, you know.  Keep the SON in your eyes.

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