Sunday, December 18, 2011


     Today,  Sunday, December 18,Edna and I celebrated our 58th wedding anniversary in the House of God as we did on our first date, the Sunday after our wedding on a Friday night and almost every Sunday since and many times during the week.
      Although both of us have had many serious health issues that could have taken our lives we never dreamed we would have such long and fruitful lives.  However, I think a doctor explained it well several years ago.
      I was in the midst of cancer treatments and became very depressed.  I told him we were both believers so I just wanted him to be honest and tell me how much time he gave me.  He told me HE didn't give TIME; he gave treatments; only GOD could give time.  He then asked ME a question.
    ( Here I must explain so you will understand his question.  We were on the mission field and we were in the midst of trainiong national pastors in our Bible College.  At the Bible College each Monday we had a report time when each worker reported on his previous week's results.  Part of the report was the professions of faith in Christ ie souls saved.  Keep this in mind.  My appointment was on a Tuesday.  Now back to what he was asking me....)
    "Didn't you have your report time yesterday?  How many received Christ last week?"
     I was inwardly upset !  Didn't he understand I was interested in ME and my future!  However, in respect, I answered his questions.
     "Yes we did and we had 15 saved last week", I cooly replied.
     What he said next was the greatest impulse concerning soul-winning I had EVER received.
     "Well, I think I would win another 15 this week, 15 next week and keep winning souls and maybe, if God saw I was still useful He would prolong my life," he smilingly remarked.
     NOW YOU KNOW why I keep on keeping on and trust I am still useful to the Lord.  Maybe that is the secret of a long life.  I recommend it.  It has worked for Edna and I.  Bro Don

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