Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have you ever thought about....

Have you ever thought about what happened to those that were accompanying Saul of Tarsis when they reached   Annanais?  They heard the voice that Saul heard.  Evidently they saw the great light that shined so brightly.  I can't believe they just took him and left him so they must have seen his sight being recovered.  In eternity it will be interesting to know the answers to these questions.  This man baptized the greatest of all the Apostles and yet this is the only time we read about him in Scriptures.  Look how important Juan, the Baptist was and what a small part of Scripture   Like the woman at the well, and many others.  I just need to remember that, although I am but a blip on the radar of time I can do important things also.
     This is just some more examples of how extensive the Word of God really is.  I think it is good when we think a little deeper in these Bible accounts.  Bro Don

Monday, February 27, 2012

Amazing how God works!

Although I have always claimed to be an Okie, I was actually born in Erie, KS, a town of 1,012 people.  Some 2 or 3 years ago I visited Erie with two of my grandchildren.  Every July the town has what they call the Erie Reunion when former residents return for the special events of the week.  Alana and Jr had a great time participating in some of the activities, one of which was a turtle race.  Alana's turtle won first place and was awarded a silver dollar.
     About a year later an American  lady in Rosarito,MX shouted out, "Hey, I remember you!" Alana turned around and saw it was the lady that had awarded her the silver dollar in Erie, KS.!  Small world in God's eyes.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another Personal Mission story!

This has been a very busy and blest weekend for me.  Friday I drove up to Delano CA to be in a Missions Conference in Immanuel Baptist Church, one of our fine supporting church for over THREE DECADES.  I came rushing back so Alana could attend a youth activity Sat. afternoon.
   Then today we had a WONDERFUL service at out new mission in El Chicote!  In fact, we had the largest attendance today we have had with  53 present!
     For the first time we broke up into THREE groups.  The children were on the bus with two workers from the Bible College.  Pastor Daniel from the Rosarito  church had the youth for the first time they had had a class and Edna, Jonathan Bell and I had the adults.  I am AMAZED at how quickly these adults have become SO faithful as well as the youth and children.  They are SO proud of their "little church"!
     There was something very special that happened during and after the service.  I was telling the people how fortunate we are in the Baja to have a lot more freedom with the Gospel than many of the tribes in the south.  I related how some villages of the Indians have been wiped out.  I saw a lady tear up.  After the service she told us that her father had experienced that very thing.  His first wife, children, father, mother, brothers and sisters had all been killed and he was the only one that escaped.  Later, he had married her mother and had a new family.  Because of all he had been thru he saw a "Christian Church", went in and was saved.  He hardly spoke Spanish.  He only spoke their dialect.  Being in the city, he had to learn Spanish.  He had no education but learned to read the Bible and soon became a great preacher.  He is now with the Lord.
     We rejoiced with her over the great heritage in the Lord she has had and is now carrying forward what she had been taught.
     Friends, when we all stand before the Lord, I think a lot of the BIG preachers will have to step back and let humble men like her father step forward for their reward.  I know I will.  We have it SO easy.  And I am SOOO blest to still be able to serve on the mission field.  I THOROUGHLY enjoy preaching in the little wooden building to such hungry people for the Word.  Thanks once again for making it possible.  Bro Don

A tribute to a special servant of the Lord

Maybe a man isn't supposed to brag on his wife; but, I've never been politically correct anyway. I am talking about the most faithful wife, mother, grandmother, greatgrandmother and FRIEND in the world! When I think of all she has been thru in life and still has that loving face, I am amazed! There are very few women in the world that would give up what she gave up to come to the mission field and live as she has lived for 35 years. And most of all not complain.
She STILL loves Mexico and her people. She is SOOO loved and respected by SO many people. She has never been one to be in the limelight. She never became a great speaker to ladies groups. She has just LOVED PEOPLE and been their friend. Edna does not know what an enemy is. I have seen people that have stabbed us in the back and when she sees them she is as friendly as ever.
Her once beautiful face has changed into a kind one. Her gait is now very slow. Her sight is almost completely gone but her spirit still shines thru.
For SO many years we were so busy raising our family and many others and so busy with our various ministries we had little time until recently for ourselves.
Four weeks ago this Sunday I sat on the high stool I need to sit on to preach now and preached the first service of our 19th mission. She sat in a chair beside me where she has been all those 35 years on the field. When we come before the Lord I already know what God is going to say to Edna -- "You certainly made Don look good." Love you, honey! Your loving husband