Tuesday, May 29, 2012


     I would like for anyone reading this to pray for a new ministry that we will be launching in Baja California, Mexico.  In Mexico we have a large number of INDIGENOUS PEOPLE.  Some call them "Indians".  They are scattered all over Mexico and they speak many different dialects.  They tend to basically to stay to themselves and are not at all open to outsiders because of the persecution and exploitation they have suffered.  BUT, they have souls that will spend eternity SOMEWHERE.
     Many of the tribes have been evangelized.  Others have become very Mexicanized.  But, there are others that still hold to their own culture and live very much to themselves,
     Missionary Jon Nelms, a friend of MANY years, founded FINAL FRONTIERS on the basis that the real future of missions in many countries will be the NATIONAL PASTORS.  He has been in scores of countries around the world and has a special burden for the indigenous people (tribes) .
     Some years ago, at Christmastime, we showed a Bible film in a couple of tribes but we did not follow through.  When Jon agreed to come to the Graduation Fellowship in June he asked that we try to set up a visit with one of our nearby tribes.  Pastor Daniel from the Rosarito church made inquiries and visited one of the tribes about three hours from our base in Rosarito.  
     It is not our desire to go where the Gospel is established.  ALL my ministry on the mission field I have PRACTICED taking the Gospel to establish Bible-preaching Independent Baptist churches where there is a REAL need.  I have NEVER built a work from members of other churches, while many around us have built from our ministry.  But, to God be the glory!  We did not want to go to a tribe that is basically  evangelized.  So, Pastor Daniel investigated various tribes and found a group called the CUMIAY tribe.
     They live in the mountains about two hours from any large city.  They are 20 minutes back in the mountains from even a small village called OJOS NEGROS.   Someone built a small chapel there but, there are only TWO CHRISTIAN FAMILIES in the tribe and they suffer greatly for their faith!
     We now have permission to enter the tribe, pass out tracts AND preach the Gospel!  At least, those two families will be encouraged and we trust souls will be saved.  The family that furnish our Gospel tracts have made an emergency order to have on hand.
     BUT, here is my request for SPECIAL prayer -- we do NOT just want to have one service there!  We want to be so kind and respectful to them that they will allow us to come on a regular basis.  However, that will require more gas expenses and more workers.  Yes, we are getting spread kind of  thin; but, HOW CAN WE REJECT SUCH AN OPEN DOOR?  I don't believe God would call us to do something that He does not already have planned out.  It's called WALKING BY FAITH.  PRAY FOR US.  

Sunday, May 20, 2012


    Recently I got involved with a Pen Pal ministry through a Prison Ministry.  Since I have always liked to write I volunteered to take that on in my free time.  (What free time?  I have to make time.)
     I had NO idea what I was getting into!  I first took 4 prisoners and began communicating with them.  Soon, the director of the ministry told me I was having some of the best results he had seen.  Little by little I took on more and more until I had a whopping 28.  Then I got a notice there were two prisoners that only speak Spanish so I took them on also.  So, now I have an even 30.  I average writing only 5 - 8 letters per week.
     I have heard many comments about this new ministry I have taken on and a lot of them have been negative as if I am wasting my time.  But, I remember Matt 25:41 and they may be the LEAST in our sight, they may be criminals of the worst state, some are even on death row, but, that is between them and the law enforcement officials.  I see them as SOULS -- many are lost souls who need the Gospel.. Others are Christians trying to get their lives right.  Some are even developing ministries in the prisons by now having Bible studies and services.  (I have shared sermon outlines for some.)  Some are big fakes, just using spiritual things to try to get out or whatever.  BUT, I am NOT God!  I am just willing to be a witness for Christ!  Today, as I read my latest 5 letters my heart was broken at their cries for assurance that God could REALLY love someone like them!  When I read how some even hesitated to pray because they had turned their back on God!  Some were raised in Christian homes.  Some went to Christian Schools.  Some have life sentences and see NO hope for their future.  BUT, almost ALL beg me to not give up on them.  Some have told me that they had not received any mail for years until I started writing them.
     To several I have given the plan of salvation.  To those on death row I have tried to help them prepare for eternity.  To some who are   confused about the Word I have explained what I could.  To those that have been deserted by their families I have just been a friend.  To some that have been ready to give up, I have given them Scriptures to encourage them to keep on.
     I am writing to prisoners from California to Florida with, WI, IL, IN, NM, TX and other places in between.  Tonight, after church, I spent two hours writing 5 letters answering questions and praying for them.
     If I am wasting time, the Lord will have to forgive me because I feel my ministry has been enlarged without neglecting my other responsibilities.
     I learned a LONG TIME AGO in my ministry that results are God's business, NOT MINE.  If just ONE receives Christ as Savior' if just ONE turns his life around, it will be worth it in eternity.
Bro Don

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I don't know if you have heard about the pastor that asked a famous painter to paint a mural for the lobby of a new church building.  The theme was to be PEACE.  The painter worked long and hard; but, finally the day came for the unveiling of the mural. Everyone stood breathless, all with their own vision of what the mural would look like.  It was very important because it would be the first impression people would have entering the church.  A large plaque hung over the veil with the one word PEACE. When the veil dropped there was a gasp as the people saw a wall covered with a huge storm.  The people had thought about a beautiful stream, or maybe a cow lying in a pasture, or even a baby sleeping.  The pastor told the painter he had COMPLETELY missed the concept.  The painter assured the pastor he understood the concept very well.  He then pointed to a ledge under an overhang of the cliff.  Under the overhand, safe from the storm, sat a mother bird on her nest.  He told the pastor that his painting was the REALITY of PEACE.  Life is not s cute sleeping baby or a beautiful stream or a contented cow laying in a lushes pasture -- it is PEACE in the midst of the storms of life.  It is safety FROM the storm in THE ROCK.

Monday, May 14, 2012


     At our Rosarito, Mexico church we started a unique soul-winning campaign.  We are now taking the count each week of how many times the plan of salvation has been presented.  Last Sunday the count was taken and then there was a powerful testimony of a young married man that received Christ as his personal Savior.
     Pastor Daniel walked out of the church last Saturday on his way to find someone to whom he could present the Gospel.  He saw a young man sitting in his car with his head down and seemed to be asleep.  Pastor Daniel didn't want to disturb him so he took a few steps and the Lord seemed to stop him.  So, he turned around and went back to the car and gently tapped on the window.  When the young man looked up, Pastor Daniel apologized for waking him whereupon the young man replied, "I wasn't sleeping.  I was just asking God how I could solve all the problems in my life."  His wife was in the computer store next door to the church.
     Pastor Daniel had plenty of time to fully explain to the young man how he could have eternal life, even if he did have a rough life here.  He also explained how He could find direction in his life.
     The young man bowed his head and received Christ as his personal Savior.  He lives about 100 miles away; but, he gave Pastor Daniel his address and phone number and promised he would look for a good Bible-centered church.  He had traveled a long way for a purpose he didn't even know -- to receive Christ.
     When we decide to witness to someone, sometimes God brings them right to us!  Thank God there was a pastor that was in tune with the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
     By the way, how many times have YOU presented the Gospel to someone recently?  About the only time most Christians present the Gospel is when someone comes to the altar during the invitation at the end of the preaching.  Amen, Bro Don!  Thanks, Bro Don

Thursday, May 10, 2012

He nearly had a stroke!

     Several years ago a groups of our Bible College students in Rosarito and I traveled to the interior of Mexico to the state of Nyarit.  There we met up with another missionary and went from village to village showing a Gospel film and putting on services.  At times we were in parks or town squares or public halls or wherever we could.  In one village we met in the home of a Mexican preacher that wanted to start a church there.
     While I was passing out tracts in that small village I was accosted by the local priest.  He wanted to know what we were doing in that village.  When I told him we were sharing the Gospel he informed me that HE had already brought the Gospel to the village.  I told him what he had was what was called ANOTHER Gospel and that we had brought the FAITH once delivered unto the saints.  He then asked me what was our religious denomination.  When I told him we were Baptists he said, "OH, you claim to go back to John, the Baptist."  I answered, "And you claim to go back to Peter" to which he answered in the affirmative.  He became furious when I told him I preferred my roots because John, the BAPTIST had baptized his originator, Peter and that his had denied the Lord THREE times and that he seemed to be following his example.  He then turned nearly purple and told me I had to admit that the keys of the kingdom had been given by our Lord to Peter.  I told him that didn't bother me -- we have the DOOR and HIS key wasn't any good without MY Door.  Then, I asked if I could ask him a personal question.  He begrudgingly agreed.  I asked him how he felt about being called, "father" when he wasn't even married.  That was all he could take so he stormed off.
     I know!  I know it was mean; but, it was FUN!!  Bro Don

Sunday, May 6, 2012

God does have a sense of humor!

Some years ago I was volunteering in the emergency room at the little Rosarito, MX Red Cross hospital.  An elderly Mexican lady was brought into the E.R. and I began preparing her chart and STARTED to take her vitals.  She yelled at a Mexican doctor nearby saying (in Spanish), "Do you think I am about to let this GRINGO touch me.!"  I assured her (in Spanish) that the Mexican doctor would be glad to take care of her.  She turned to the Mexican doctor and asked, "So, I'm supposed to know he speaks Spanish?"  I took a lot of ribbing for awhile But, as I said, GOD HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR.
     A short time after that the same Mexican doctor and I were again working together in the E.R. when a middle-aged American man was brought in with a severe dog bite on his leg.  In fact, it was torn open.  The Mexican doctor started to attend to him when the American yelled at me, "Hey, doc, I don't want this Mexican touching my leg!"
     The Mexican doctor told him in perfect English that I was not a doctor but, I certainly knew what to do.  The American said ALMOST the same identical thing as the Mexican lady had.  "How was I supposed to know he spoke English?"
     No one but the doctor and I understood why we both nearly fell in the floor laughing..   Bro Don

Thursday, May 3, 2012


     I was just 16 years old and my favorite sister had a son (my nephew) that was 3 1/2 years old.  I had a burden for my sister and brother-in-law that they would accept Christ as Savior so I asked a pastor in their town near where I lived with my parents to please visit them and talk to them about their need of Christ, which he did.
     My brother-in-law opened the door and asked the pastor to leave making a prophetical statement, "When I want a preacher I'll ask for one."  My heart was broken.
    A short time later there was a revival in their city and my sister-in-law invited my sister to attend and at her heavy insistence, my sister went forward supposedly to receive Christ.  But, my sister showed no evidence of a personal experience with Christ.
     A short time after my brother-in-law asked the pastor to leave my little, sweet nephew suddenly urinated blood.  When examined it was found he had a large tumor in one kidney.  The tumor was removed but the prognosis was not good.  This was in 1951.  My brother-in-law was devastated but still would not listen to the Gospel.
     Just about 6 months went by and the little boy became ill again.  This time the tumor had come inside his liver and there was no hope for his recovery.  He suffered terribly!  Time after time, I would lie beside him on his bed and read him Bible stories that he loved.  My sister began to take him to Sunday School.  By now he was a little over 4 years old.
     One day we were all sitting at the table talking about the latest prognosis when he shocked us all with a statement because we did not realize he understood our discussion.
     He calmly stated, "Sometimes Jesus takes little children to be with him and you're not supposed to cry, Mama."
      We were all shocked!  Where had this come from?  My sister decided his Sunday School teacher had probably taught this so she called the lady to thank her.
     The teacher finally confessed she had stayed away from the subject of dying so as not to disturb the little boy.  My sister was now REALLY puzzled so she finally broached the subject with my little nephew.  His answer to her question of where he had heard that was, "Oh, Jesus told me right here in my heart."
     The next Sunday he was so emaciated that he had to be carried on a pillow yet he insisted on attending church.  The next Sunday we had his funeral.  As a young preacher of 16 at that time (I started preaching at 14) I asked the pastor WHY hadn't God answered all the prayers that had gone up for that little boy!  Why hadn't he been healed!  The pastor assured me that God knew what He was doing, to just trust Him.
     My sister and brother-in-law were devastated!  My mother and I visited my sister often, at times. finding her asleep with his picture in her arms.
     One day we went to see her and she was happy and going about her daily chores.  When she went to the kitchen my mother whispered to me that she believed my sister had suffered a breakdown.
     When my sister returned to the room and saw our faces she smiled and explained that the previous Sunday she had gone to church and had truly been born-again and knew she would now see her son again.  One down; one to go -- my brother-in-law.
     One day he left work and began rushing to find the pastor telling himself over and over again that he had killed his son by his rejection of the Gospel.  He was so disturbed that just about two blocks from the pastor's home he had a wreck.  Being a small town, he knew the policeman, he told him he had something he HAD to do and he RAN to the pastor's home and accepted Christ and then returned to take care of the wreck.
     For many things we will have to wait until eternity to understand    but, for that one we had the answer.  He had died that two loving parents would be able to spend eternity with him.  Bro Don

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


     Pedro grew up watching his father and mother serving the Lord until his mother was taken by the Lord when he was very young.  The father continued to raise his large family alone.  His father even began to preach the Gospel and Pedro accompanied him on many of these occasions.  However, when Pedro was only 13 his father fell from a two-story construction site and became an invalid later with cancer of the spine.  
     It became Pedro's lot to care for his father and two brothers still at home.  He continued to walk to school, working after school until the wee hours of the morning, sleeping only a few hours until his routine started again.
     After two years of suffering his father realized his end was near in this world.  He called for a pastor and told him he could not go to be with the Lord until he knew his 3 younger boys would continue to be raised in a Christian atmosphere.  The pastor had heard of our Boys Ranch.  Although the Ranch was full, room was made for the three boys.  A few days later Pedro and his siblings were truly orphans.
     The three boys grew up and left the Ranch.  Pedro went out into the world to work.  Thank God, he never got into the sins of the world nor in its vices.
     Just recently, at the age of 19, Pedro returned to faithfulness in the church and entered the Bible College and is already a FINE preacher of the Bible.  Last weekend he blest the hearts of Edna and I when he said that as long as we were around he would never be an orphan.
     I can only feel his parents are smiling down from Heaven to see such a fine son carrying on the Gospel.  Bro Don