Sunday, May 6, 2012

God does have a sense of humor!

Some years ago I was volunteering in the emergency room at the little Rosarito, MX Red Cross hospital.  An elderly Mexican lady was brought into the E.R. and I began preparing her chart and STARTED to take her vitals.  She yelled at a Mexican doctor nearby saying (in Spanish), "Do you think I am about to let this GRINGO touch me.!"  I assured her (in Spanish) that the Mexican doctor would be glad to take care of her.  She turned to the Mexican doctor and asked, "So, I'm supposed to know he speaks Spanish?"  I took a lot of ribbing for awhile But, as I said, GOD HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR.
     A short time after that the same Mexican doctor and I were again working together in the E.R. when a middle-aged American man was brought in with a severe dog bite on his leg.  In fact, it was torn open.  The Mexican doctor started to attend to him when the American yelled at me, "Hey, doc, I don't want this Mexican touching my leg!"
     The Mexican doctor told him in perfect English that I was not a doctor but, I certainly knew what to do.  The American said ALMOST the same identical thing as the Mexican lady had.  "How was I supposed to know he spoke English?"
     No one but the doctor and I understood why we both nearly fell in the floor laughing..   Bro Don

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