Sunday, May 20, 2012


    Recently I got involved with a Pen Pal ministry through a Prison Ministry.  Since I have always liked to write I volunteered to take that on in my free time.  (What free time?  I have to make time.)
     I had NO idea what I was getting into!  I first took 4 prisoners and began communicating with them.  Soon, the director of the ministry told me I was having some of the best results he had seen.  Little by little I took on more and more until I had a whopping 28.  Then I got a notice there were two prisoners that only speak Spanish so I took them on also.  So, now I have an even 30.  I average writing only 5 - 8 letters per week.
     I have heard many comments about this new ministry I have taken on and a lot of them have been negative as if I am wasting my time.  But, I remember Matt 25:41 and they may be the LEAST in our sight, they may be criminals of the worst state, some are even on death row, but, that is between them and the law enforcement officials.  I see them as SOULS -- many are lost souls who need the Gospel.. Others are Christians trying to get their lives right.  Some are even developing ministries in the prisons by now having Bible studies and services.  (I have shared sermon outlines for some.)  Some are big fakes, just using spiritual things to try to get out or whatever.  BUT, I am NOT God!  I am just willing to be a witness for Christ!  Today, as I read my latest 5 letters my heart was broken at their cries for assurance that God could REALLY love someone like them!  When I read how some even hesitated to pray because they had turned their back on God!  Some were raised in Christian homes.  Some went to Christian Schools.  Some have life sentences and see NO hope for their future.  BUT, almost ALL beg me to not give up on them.  Some have told me that they had not received any mail for years until I started writing them.
     To several I have given the plan of salvation.  To those on death row I have tried to help them prepare for eternity.  To some who are   confused about the Word I have explained what I could.  To those that have been deserted by their families I have just been a friend.  To some that have been ready to give up, I have given them Scriptures to encourage them to keep on.
     I am writing to prisoners from California to Florida with, WI, IL, IN, NM, TX and other places in between.  Tonight, after church, I spent two hours writing 5 letters answering questions and praying for them.
     If I am wasting time, the Lord will have to forgive me because I feel my ministry has been enlarged without neglecting my other responsibilities.
     I learned a LONG TIME AGO in my ministry that results are God's business, NOT MINE.  If just ONE receives Christ as Savior' if just ONE turns his life around, it will be worth it in eternity.
Bro Don

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  1. Very, Very, very good! You have taken the golden rule to new heights! Do unto others... Can you imagine, have messed up your life and sitting there every day, craving some contact from the outside, a social leper? And then a letter comes from someone who cares telling them about the God Who ultimately cares and yearns to give them soul freedom. Wow! Good work.