Saturday, December 31, 2011

Starting at zero.

      Have ypu ever witnessed to someone about Christ starting at zero = at the beginning of it all?  I once had that experience.
     I was in the Mexican state of Nayarit.  If you were to go straight west from there you would eventually come to Honolulu, Hawaii.  So the area is very vegatated, just like a jungle and very beautiful.  It was some 30 years ago when I first knew that area. 
     I had taken some other Americans with me to visit a missionary in Tepic, the capital city of that state.  We travelled outside the city for some distaance and finally came to a village near the main road  with a group of indigenous people called the Quicholes.  There was a very primative little Baptist church there.  The floor was dirt and the "pews" were 2X4s on stakes.  The men sat on those and the women sat at the back on the ground with the children.The missionary would preach in Spanish and there was a native pastor that translated the message into the dialect.  They also sang a very different style hymns developed in their own dialect. (Keep in mind this was over 30 years ago.)
     One day I had the great privilege of preaching there.  I saw a blind man with a homemade musical instrument.  I asked how he found his way to church thru the jungle and was told he had machete marks on the trees to find his way.
     After the service I told the pastor that spoke spanish that I wanted to go back into the jungle and see where the people actually lived.  He sent his 12-year-old grandson that could translate with me.  We came into a clearing with thatched huts on stilts with ladders.  I was told that was to keep iguanas, snakes,etc from entering.
     As the sun was setting we came to the edge of the clearing and saw a lady squatted over a fire stirring a pot.  We stopped to give her the Gospel.. First, I asked her (thru the interpreter) if she knew what a Bible was.  DUH, she couldn't read nor write.  She indicated she didn't know what a Bible was.  Next I asked her if she knew who (sp) Cristo Jesús was.  She had heard of Jesús (many Mexicans have that name) but never of Cristo.
     I was OVERWHELMED as I started at creation and told her the basics of how God had sent His Son to die for us to save us.   I felt VERY blest to have the opportunity of telling someone that was hearing for the first time about Jesus.  Then I knew what a great task it is for missionaries to go into tribes that have NEVER heard and patiently learn their language and painstakingly lay the foundations of Scriptural knowledge, often spending their lives doing it!
     In our modern societies of the world it is difficult to find someone that has absolutely NO knowledge of the Bible.  But, there are tribes all over the world that have never heard.  Many have had the privilege of giving the plan for being saved to a person that has never heard how to be saved.  But few have had the privilege of STARTING FROM ZERO.  I'm thankful I have.  Bro Don

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